He was in a hurry to see his son.

Rodger is working very hard these days.

One can never be too young or too old to enjoy a certain genre of music.

Ralph is on duty.


We got into our sleeping bags, and then Lex told a story about ghosts.


You remind me of your mother whenever I meet you.

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These articles are liable to duty.

There are people who don't like Miles.

She is never late for school.

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Do you think she'll still take me for a lap around the racetrack?


My uncles come to see me from time to time.

I can't abide hearing you cry so bitterly.

He retired to his own room after supper.

Jimmy wants to be liked.

Please just get out of my way.

Look, I'll see you later.

He was only bothered about concrete questions.

John is a gossip.

Kerry has been avoiding Roberta all day.


Visit our website for additional information.

Scot jumped out of his bedroom window.

My father got it for me.


That's what I'd want.


He dived.

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A man is more or less what he looks like.

This is priceless.

May I go to the nurse?

One of the girls smiled at Jeannette.

The group was made up of teachers and students.

I'm sure Lui is disappointed.

Please tell her how sorry I am.

He has a talent for music.

I went to the theater early so I could get a good seat.

Listen! She is going to explain that rule again.

I love going to the cinema.


Ready, set, go!

"I'll give you four pennies for your A-B-C book," said a ragpicker who stood by.

The dress comes to my knees.

I'm out here.

Suresh drove me to the airport.

I think I've had a little too much to drink.

You don't seem to want to come with us.

Ravindranath and I just met.

I need to go get ready.

Roxie didn't say anything to me about that.

He behaved like a child.

That is the American about whom we talked yesterday.

He's Austrian.

It makes me so happy.

He doesn't eat raw fish.


I'm just happy to be here.

Did you know Werner plays the trombone?

She's perfect at everything.

This beefsteak smells good.

I always look at this picture with disgust.


He and his sisters ate ice cream while the radio was on.


They're not talking.

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Dewey signed the orders.

I don't want to do anything that would hurt you.

I don't remember having had any toys when I was young.

Evelyn is watching the baseball game with his friends.

I see what you're doing.

A good idea occurred to me last night.

Your problem is you don't study enough.

Grant has a written a new play called "The Little Merman" and hopes that Vice will star in it.

I want all the information about the situation you can gather.

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Perhaps Diana was right about that.

Who was the girl you were with the other day?

I resent his rude attitude.


Narendra doesn't want to have anything to do with Wendell.

I'm not prepared to do that yet.

I told Vincent what Cory is like.

He's only twelve, but he plays chess with the best of them.

You're not that careful.

April is the national minority health month.

She used to keep a diary, but doesn't anymore.

Kimmo picked up his bag and walked out of the room.

You had better put on your crash helmet.


Do we have insurance?

He can not distinguish between right and wrong.

I'm glad I could be of some assistance.

I never saw so big a whale.

Courtney put his hat on the table.

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Matthias wrote his name on the cover of his new diary.

He is suffering from a mental illness that can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, and bouts of uncontrolled aggression. This is a form of psychosis which is generally known in common parlance as "love."

Wolf didn't realize what was going on.

It's one of our specialties.

Get yourself a decent suit.


He turned off all the lights at eleven.


William the Conqueror defeated king Harold in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.

Secrecy is of the essence in this matter.

Not knowing what to do, I did nothing.

Let's start the week with a good swim!

A dog bit her on the leg.

What time is it?

I don't think we really need to attend that meeting.


I know someone who's available.

He is not more than two or three years younger than I am.

He is a lump of selfishness.


Vince worked with Rolf on that project.


It's hard to get a taxi outside the station.


Mann said he wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor.

I prefer that it remains that way.

I'm only bringing this shopping bag.


They were hanging on her words.

I did everything Sanand did.

You should clean up this mess.


A little quieter, please.


How far is it to your house?

You do your part and I'll do the rest.

Job hopping was not so common in Japan as in America.

We'll always be together.

Diane is usually quite direct, isn't he?

Herb wants me to believe him.

He will notice sooner or later.

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Can I ask you why?

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The newspaper called for the government to stop inflation.


Her remarks were so rude they were frankly unprintable.

Brenda is a wanted criminal.

Javier is turning red.

Dan eventually learnt what Linda was up to.

I don't want her in my house.

It didn't work for me either.

Does Laurianne know what they're called?

The cold wind chilled the traveler.

I am looking for you.

I'll give you a ring.

Margaret encouraged Lorien to write a novel.

Your knowledge of the subject is superficial, Vivek.

Looks like the Japanese maple is finally branching.

You don't like to talk about your past that much, do you?

She couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.


Could you lift that pan for me, then I'll put this mat under it.

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Who has captured his heart?

They said the situation was only temporary.

I have the impression that she has fallen in love with me. What should I do?

It was a manifest error of judgement.

You're no saint.

I went to Susanne's house the night before he died.

She was a bit hasty in answering me.

I often visited the museum when I lived in Kyoto.

Have I ever asked you to work on a Sunday?

According to the "Levada Center" organization, approximately 70% of Russians have never been outside of the former USSR.

At no time does the plain look so perfect as in early autumn.

Half the class say that they drink coffee.

It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

The allegations are completely unfounded.

Robin attempted to rescue Vishal.


This security system allows us to trace employees movements anywhere they go.

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It's quite delicious.

He was rejected because his health was poor.

The laughter died away.


I need a bag. Will you lend me one?

Could you repeat that using simpler words?

After all, life is just like a dream.

I'm worried about them.

Lloyd bought some land near Boston.

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When you lack sleep, you are apt to be careless.

We believe in government by and for the people.

She doesn't love her boyfriend.


Anton is still unconscious on the floor.

Thank you for this nice present.

Jim will accept your proposal.